Merger 2001 Media Coverage



In 2001 Corpgro, Corpcapital and Corpcapital Bank were merged to form Corpcapital Limited. Controversy erupted when a minority shareholder in Corpcapital Bank objected to the swap ratios. This started a slide in market confidence, and Corpcapital never recovered.

Finance Week 190203 – A preferential tax plan
Finance Week 050203 – Corpcapital’s goodwill culture
Moneyweb 260203 – Kelley Starke bites back
Moneyweb 270103 – Kelley Starke former MD Kensani
Moneyweb 190203 – Kelley Starke MD Kensani
Moneyweb 280103 – Kelley Starke piles on the pressure
Moneyweb 020801 – Kelley Starke MD Kensani