Peter Moss Evidence to Myburgh



In 1995 Peter Moss, an émigré South African living in Germany, formed a partnership with Jeff Liebesman and Benji Liebmann offshore to purchase a German company, Werner and Pfleiderer. Monies were taken out of the company and placed in a trust in the British Virgin Islands. The funds were then used unlawfully, according to forensic investigators, to purchase shares in a cash shell listed on the JSE, which became Corpgro. These activities were not disclosed to the JSE or shareholders.

Moss Sworn Statement to Myburgh
Offshore documents to set up structure
CBH offshore structure particulars
Agreement between Moss, Liebesman & Liebmann
CBH shareholders affairs, eyes only
1997 dispute Moss vs Liebesman & Liebmann
Frampton (Grolman) offshore loan
Letter from Liebmann to Moss 171197
Diagram – acquisition of Southgo
Diagram – Southgo shareholders before it was bought
Notes from Moss re offshore structure